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New Customer Special

New Customer Special

Turn-Key Marketing Solutions for Attorneys

ServicesToLawyers has been providing quality leads to the Legal Profession for over 10 years. 

Why Us?

It is quite simple, you can't afford not to! Marketing and lead generation is our specialty, running you practice is yours. Let us do your marketing so that you can grow your firm and focus on your case load! 

We guarantee that you will accept every lead we send or we will replace it free of charge. Therefore, your marketing dollars are NEVER at risk!

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llp-logo4Potential clients are looking for you...  

...but can't find you.

Law Listing Pros gets you found.

BP Claims

We are BP Claims Experts we have been processing claims since the Oil Spill Began. We have helped people receive Emergency Advance Payments, we have been through the GCCF Debacle, and now we have helped Businesses receive over 300 Million Dollars in Claims

Med Recall News

It seems like barely a day passes in this country where there isn't some news about another medical product that is suspected of harming the very people they were intended to help. Visit for more information.


GranuFlo - ServicesToLawyers Delivering Leads

GranuFlo Leads from ServicesToLawyers.comSevicesToLawyers Delivering Highly Qualified GranuFlo Leads

The news hit like a bombshell. A major provider of Dialysis care, Fresenius Medical Care, issued an internal notice to its company owned clinics warning of the risks and side effects of GranuFlo. But they failed to issue warnings to thousands of physicians and clinics not owned by FMC who continue to user their product. Talk about a smoking gun. Now attorneys across the United States are looking to represent patients impacted by this health care debacle. 

ServicesToLawyers has over ten years experience generating highly qualified leads for Mass Tort Attorneys nationwide. If you are seeking GranuFlo cases without having to sort through endless stacks of dead end leads we are here to help. 

Contact us today to learn more about our turn-key marketing designed specifically for the legal community.

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Current Ad Campaign - Actos

ServicesToLawyers offers turn-key marketing solutions including ads like this one for Actos -- our hottest current campaign.